British Board of Agrément

The British Board of Agrement are designated by H.M. Government to issue European Technical Approvals.

The Foamseal range of spray foam insulation is approved by the British Board of Agrément for pitched and flat roofs, timber frame walls and timber and concrete ground floors in both new and existing dwellings.

Foamseal and Renotherm are only installed by contractors fully trained and certified by Foamseal Ltd. under the British Board of Agrément Certificate No 10/4777. Technitherm is installed by contractors trained and certified by Foamseal Ltd under BBA Certificate No 97/3426.

Foamseal are approved installers of Foamseal spray foam insulation for:

Pitched and flat timber roof constructions
Timber frame walls
Timber and concrete ground-floor constructions

ISO 9001 approved

Foamseal are accredited by the British Standards Institution for the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 to ensure that adherence to our commitment to providing a first class service is met at all times.

Insurance backed guarantee

Foamseal provide a FREE 10 year, insurance backed guarantee to all domestic stabilisation customers.

Office of Fair Trading

Foamseal Ltd are registered with the Office of Fair Trading and have been awarded a consumer credit license.

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