• How much does Foamseal Roof Renovation cost?
  • Before we can provide a quotation we need to assess the suitability of your roof. The cost depends on the condition, type and size of your roof. A free roof health check and survey is available from Foamseal without obligation.
  • How long does the process take?
  • Usually one or two days depending on the amount of preperation work and the size of the roof.
  • Does Foamseal pose a fire risk?
  • No, the foam is more difficult to set light to than wood. It has a Class 1 Fire Rating when tested to BS 476 Part 7.
  • Does Foamseal trap moisture in the roof timbers?
  • No, Foamseal does not absorb water but it does allow water vapour to pass through the foam, at about the same rate as wood itself.
  • Can alterations be made in the future?
  • Yes, the foam can be cut out and the tiles removed. Small areas can be re-foamed with a Foamseal pack.

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