Repair And Insulate Your Roof

Repair and insulate your roof with Foamseal spray foam insulation
Age takes its toll on your roof and as the nails and slates or tiles degrade, it becomes progressively less able to withstand water penetration and storm damage. At some point you may be faced with the unpleasant prospect of a re-roof – often disruptive, time consuming and very expensive.

Foamseal can repair, insulate and protect your roof for a fraction of the cost…


Our fully trained technicians will repair or replace any lost slates or tiles and fully repair any damaged areas of your roof. This ensures it is completely safe and secure and still retains all of its original character.


Foamseal is applied either to the underside of your roofing felt or, if it is unfelted, directly to the back of the slates or tiles. Your roof problems be rectified, and your roof will be stronger and better insulated.


Foamseal insulates so effectively that you not only have a drier and cleaner loft space, but a warmer one as well. This is ideal if you need extra space in your home or are planning to create an extra room in your attic.

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