Commercial and Industrial

Commercial uses

Spray applied foam provides the ideal solution for insulation and condensation control in commercial buildings. It can be applied to almost all surfaces to improve the working environment and cut fuel costs. Asbestos encapsulation is an added benefit.

West Sussex Industrial & Commercial Spray Foam ServicesApplications for polyurethane foams include factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, football stadiums and offices. In new and existing structures PU foams are economically applied to the underside of steel, asbestos, concrete and aluminium roofs and walls.

Foamseal forms a continuous, even, insulating layer with no joints, gaps or thermal bridges. It has far superior thermal performance compared to other insulating materials with the same thickness, helping to significantly reduce the cost of insulating and sealing the building.

Foamseal is available with fire resistance properties of Class 1 and Class 0 Surface Spread Of Flame EN 135101-1: 2007 (BS476 part 7: 1997 Class 1 surface spread of flame)

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