Polyurea High Performance Coatings

Urespray P-500 provides a flexible monolithic extremely tough elastomer with good physical properties, high degrees of thermal and hydrolytic stabilities and excellent water and chemical resistance.


Urespray P-500 spray is a highly flexible, seamless membrane suitable for water-proofing that sets in less than 5 seconds and can be walked within a few hours from the time it is sprayed
Urespray P-500 spray is hydrophobic and therefore unaffected by damp substrates when creating non – bonded liners. It can be sprayed at temperatures as low as -30° C with minimal effect on tack free time
Due to the almost instantaneous gel of Urespray P-500 spray, it can be built up to any thickness in one application including vertical and overhead applications. This eliminates the need for multicoat applications
Urespray P-500 spray is 100% solids, no solvents, no V.O.C.s
The cured elastomer has a high thermal stability with constant working temperatures up to 130° C and intermittent temperatures up to 160°C
Urespray P-500 spray can be applied with a standard 1 : 1 ratio plural component high pressure machine ( capable of developing 2000 psi ). The coating will withstand a service temperature range of -50° to +130° C

Some Recommended Uses

  1. Industrial and Building Roofs, balconies, overhangs, parking areas, concrete soffits,
  2. Hail, bird and traffic protection over polyurethane foam
  3. Fish boat holds
  4. Earth containment lining
  5. Tank linings for primary and secondary containment
  6. Roof coatings for metal decks
  7. Steel tanks, silos and pipes
  8. Encapsulant for styrofoam and other types of floatation
  9. Liner for concrete tanks, ponds, lagoons, reservoirs, dykes, irrigation ditches, tunnels, barges, etc.

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