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Foamseal uses & applications
Fitting and Sealing Insulation Boards

If you are using pre-formed insulation material you can use Foamseal to picture frame the boards in place and increase the insulation value by sealing all gaps. Time can be saved by spraying awkward areas rather than cutting insulation boards to fit.

Insulating Flat and Sloping Ceilings

Uninsulated flat and sloping ceilings can be injected with Foamseal where the cavities are free from obstruction. Seek Foamseal technical advice for interstitial condensation risk.

Timber Frame

Insulate timber frame stud walls, use Foamseal to ‘flash and bat’ with mineral fibre or PUR boards.

Cold Bridges

Wherever cold bridges occur in normal construction such as lintels, wall plates, sloping ceilings, reveals and soffits, Foamseal can be sprayed to eliminate cold spots.

Air Leakage/Windows and Door Frames

Use Foamseal to seal and insulate all unwanted openings in the building fabric.

Around Pipes

Use Foamseal in plumbing to seal and insulate all gaps around pipes where they penetrate ceilings, walls and floors. Foamseal also minimises the noise from water-rush.

Loft Conversions

Foamseal can be sprayed directly onto the underside the roofing membrane to insulate or can be used to seal all gaps around pre-formed insulation material, particularly in awkward areas such as dormer cheeks and heads.


Foamseal is used to insulate, stabilise loose tiles, fix insulating boards, repair flashings and night seal ongoing construction work.

Insulating Sheds and Outhouses

Foamseal sprayed into the inside walls not only insulates but provides a complete moisture barrier too. If a cosmetic finish is required, it can be plastered or covered by any normal batten and board system.

Boats and Marine

Foamseal provides excellent water and vapour resistance. It is therefore ideal to fill voids, provide buoyancy, insulate and prevent condensation on hulls and in other areas of high humidity.

Flood Protection

Foamseal’s extraordinary adhesive strength and water resistance enable it to be used to protect buildings against flooding. Foamseal can be used to fix and seal pre-cut materials such as plyboard in front of doors, windows, air vents and other areas where floodwater can penetrate.

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