External Wall Insulation

Millions of properties have been constructed in the UK with solid walls, eliminating the ability to cavity fill.

For this construction, externally insulating the property is the ideal solution as this allows the solid walls to dry out and heat up and the tea cosy effect then transforms the structure into a warm, dry thermal mass which is excellent for heat retention. Not only will house owners benefit from this but the external façade will be transformed by the flexible, waterproof external coating applied to the insulated façade.

As with any property type, free technical advice is available on the Foamseal Technical Helpline to assist customers in specifying and purchasing the correct system for the individual requirements.

What is external wall insulation?

It involves the mechanical and/or adhesive fixing of insulation boards to the outside of a building, which is then covered with a mesh reinforcement, a base coat and a final decorative finish, which can be textured or smooth render in various colours, brick slips or dashed render. This layered method encases the property and helps prevents heat from escaping unnecessarily from the property.

External wall insulation offers:

A cost effective alternative to demolition & rebuild
Reduces unnecessary heat loss & CO2 emissions
Reduces condensation
Protects and prolongs the external fabric of a building
Offers high impact resistance
Offers superb weather resistance
Is low maintenance
Does not reduce internal dimensions of a property
Has a positive effect on the environment

Alumasc External Wall Insulation with Silicone Render Installation Guide

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