Floor & Concrete Soffits

Ground Floors & Concrete Soffits

Foamseal is approved for timber and concrete ground floors. In existing buildings the foam can be applied to the underside of the suspended timber floor provided access can be obtained.

The most common ground floor construction in the Netherlands and France is spray applied foam applied directly to the concrete base.

The foam is applied to the concrete just before the screed is laid where it can level any discrepancies in the surface and form a seamless layer with no gaps regardless of intricate details.

If under-floor heating is being incorporated, the pipes are clipped onto the foam before the screed is laid. The depth of foam can easily be adjusted to meet whatever U-value is required and the foam has sufficient compressive strength to withstand design loads.

Typical insulation values achieved are as follows:
Foamseal Depth U-value
  50mm 0.22W/m²K
  60mm 0.20W/m²K
  70mm 0.16W/m²K

Current U-Value requirements and SAP ratings will be achieved more easily with Foamseal.

Foamseal is also ideal when spray applied to the underside of concrete soffit ceilings such as is under floor garages and car-parks. The same U-Values as those above are typically achieved which means very little loss to essential ceiling height.

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