Foamseal Applications

Foamseal is a spray-applied HFC blown polyurethane foam that expands to create a superior insulation and acoustic barrier. It adheres to almost any surface, effortlessly sealing all gaps and preventing surface and interstitial condensation.


Foamseal can repair, insulate and protect your roof for a fraction of the cost…


Insulating and stabilising hard to treat Cavity walls


Foamseal is also ideal when spray applied to the underside of concrete soffit ceilings such as is under floor garages and car-parks.

Project Types

Foamseal is available with fire resistance properties of Class 1 and Class 0 Surface Spread Of Flame EN 135101-1: 2007 (BS476 part 7: 1997 Class 1 surface spread of flame).

Why use Foamseal...?

It is faster

Foamseal can be installed much quicker than traditional polyurethane foam board-based solutions as it is sprayed directly onto roofs, walls, ground floors and Technitherm is injected into cavities with no trimming or wastage.

It is more effective

Foamseal fills and seals all gaps effortlessly meaning that air pressure tests can be passed first time. It also creates its own vapour control layer so there is no risk of surface or interstitial condensation.


So you save money on your projects

Choosing Foamseal means your labour costs will be reduced compared with polyurethane foam insulation boards and there are no waste or disposal costs. You’ll also save valuable time both with installation and air pressure testing and Foamseal even offer FREE assistance with U-value, condensation risk and SAP calculations in new and refurbishment projects.

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